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End Mill 4 Flute Z Dura Mill Standard Series

DESIGN FEATURES: Helix angle 32º & 38º (special geometry with 2 different helixes)
Extremely smooth running, chatter reducing, long running.
Centre cutting. Good for production. Perfect for tool steels.
0.5mm x 45º chamfer on front

End Mill 4 Flute Zap Mill Long Series

DESIGN FEATURES: High volume material removal in difficult to machine materials.
Reduces vibration and noise. Works well on harder materials.
Corner radius extends tool life with reduced tooth load.
Improved chip evacuation
* Also available: Chamfer corner, long series

High Performance Reamer 6 Flute

DESIGN FEATURES: Right hand cutting, Left hand helix, H6 tolerange

Design for reaming in steel, non-ferrous materials & cast iron
* On request: Out of Range / Other sizes and coated product