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Questions we are usually asked about

No, our policy is KIS (Keep It Simple). Hand sketches are acceptable and dialogue important to get you what you need.

It does happen where this is done, but we cannot be held responsible for scaling cutter sizes to match job requirements. We will always get your full commitment on any recommended designs before going ahead with manufacturing a cutting tool.

We will draw and simulate your requirement and send you a 3D drawing of the finished product. This is usually enough.

We are careful not to overstep patent rules, but most times we can redesign a cutting tool for a certain application or may have made one before. By all means, please send us a sample of your requirement.

Yes, depending on the size of your requirement. We have often been able to get businesses out of a tight spot.

We have always adopted the international cutting tool DIN spec. This is the same as all the bigger manufacturers. But we do accommodate customers where they have specific requirements where possible.

Yes, often this is the best and cheapest route but may not always work. We will highlight any shortfalls, if any.

Yes, within reason and after we have agreed on the when, where and how. We can move our simulating technology anywhere.

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Carbide Tools Ltd Specialise in design, manufacture and regrinding of all Tungsten Carbide and High Speed Steel Cutting Tools.

Our factory is equipped with the latest and finest CNC grinding enquipment and is staffed by professionals with a reputation for producing work of the very highest quality and technical standards.

Contact us today with any queries you might have and we will do our best to answer them promptly.