Custom Designed Cutting Tools Made in New Zealand
Carbide Tools

Specialists in the Design and Manufacture

Carbide Tools Ltd Specialise in design, manufacture and regrinding of all Tungsten Carbide and Cutting Tools.

Our factory is equipped with the latest and finest CNC grinding equipment and is staffed by professionals with a reputation for producing work of the very highest quality and technical standards.

Our Services Include

Manufacture of tungsten carbide cutting tools


Modification service to standard tools


Grinding of all tungsten carbide tools


Quality & Standards

Customer Satisfaction is Key...

“We do not accept ‘Close’ only Perfect”

Our Mission Statement

To provide a cost effective, world class, turnkey Tool and Cutter Manufacturing and Regrinding service to it’s customers.

To create life-long relationships with clients and suppliers to strengthen the industry so as to become a world class player in our field.

Our Vision Statement

The Company aims to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of superior cutting tools.

To supply the diverse, ever growing market with accurate and reliable products to meet every requirement and so ensuring continual customer satisfaction.